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mp4 - Relapse Prevention for Medication Assisted Treatment & Harm Reduction Clients

mp4 - Relapse Prevention for Medication Assisted Treatment & Harm Reduction Clients

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Relapse Prevention for Medication Assisted Treatment & Harm Reduction Clients

Presented by Roland Williams, MA, MAC, LAADC, SAP, ACRPS

This workshop examines the unique challenges associated with developing a relapse prevention plan for those clients that are on Medication Assisted Treatment, and/or doing Harm Reduction Program. Both treatment models are viable options for SUD clients, and both are increasingly more often utilized. However, each of these approaches tend to put the client in a precarious place when it comes to identifying what it means to actually be in “Recovery”. In the CENAPS model of Relapse Prevention we propose that to be in relapse one must first be in recovery. Often with Medication Assisted Treatment and Harm Reduction models, the definition of recovery can be subjective and varied depending on the client and/or provider and many times for these clients it’s highly recommend, and in some cases even mandated, they don’t receive adequate counseling, outpatient services, or other support services. Their participation in self-help groups can be challenging due to those group’s definition of abstinence. These circumstances make it challenging for some clients to determine when and if they relapse and what to do about it when and if they do. This presentation will help define and quantify what it means to be in recovery for these clients and in turn help them to develop a viable relapse prevention plan. This is an underserved population that often find itself in “Recovery limbo”. 

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The video content was recorded at the Preventing Relapse Symposium, Starting Addiction Treatment and Recovery Off Right on April 21st-22nd, 2023 held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The goal of the Symposium was for attendees to learn and enhance techniques across all levels of care with proven and practical applications of the Gorski-CENAPS Model of Recovery and Relapse Prevention, implemented with a wide variety of programs, clients, and special populations. Sessions were designed to be applicable and informative to providers and consumers at all skill levels and various lengths of personal recovery.
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This workshop is also available as a Gorski-CENAPS On-line Course. To earn continuing education credit (CEs), enroll in the course here: https://gorski-cenaps-home-study.thinkific.com/pages/preventing-relapse-symposium-courses

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