The Gorski-CENAPS Model for Recovery and Relapse Prevention

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Developed by Terence T. Gorski

The Gorski-CENAPS® Model for Recovery and Relapse Prevention is a comprehensive system for diag­nosing and treating substance-use disorders and coexisting mental disorders, personality disorders, and situational life problems. The model is based on a biopsychosocial model of addiction, a developmental model of recovery, and a relapse prevention model. The model integrates addiction-specific treatment methods with state-of-the-art cognitive, affective, behavioral, and social therapies. The Gorski-CENAPS111 Model is a research-based system. It is evolutionary because it includes the strengths of a wide variety of clinical models while transcending their limitations. The model is dynamic because it is designed to grow by integrating research findings while adapting to current fiscal constraints.