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Relapse Prevention Counseling Workbook

Relapse Prevention Counseling Workbook

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This workbook is designed for people who want to recover from chemical dependency or other self-defeating behaviors.

This book will benefit those who have relapsed, those currently in recovery, and their counselors & therapists.

If you don't have a therapist, you can do these exercises with the assistance of a self-help group sponsor.

The 7 Steps in this Workbook include the following:

#1 - Making the Commitment to Stop Using

#2 - Planning to Stop Relapse Quickly if It Occurs

#3 - Identifying High-risk Situations

#4 - Mapping and Managing High-Risk Situations

#5 - Managing Personal Reactions to High-risk Situations

#6 - Developing a Recovery Plan

#7 - Evaluating High-risk Situation Management Skills

Based on Gorski-CENAPS Model

By Terence T. Gorski with Arthur B. Trundy

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