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Recovery(v.) is a Verb

Recovery(v.) is a Verb

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Action Steps to Build a Solid and Lasting "Program of Recovery" from Addiction.
A Workbook By Roland Williams
This workbook offers the user tools that go beyond the substance use, and get to many of the core issues that prevent people from getting and more important staying in Recovery. I want to help you to develop a Recovery program that is solid and lasting. I believe that a person can get clean and stay clean for life, if they are willing to do some work. And therein lies the challenge. Are you willing to do the work? Recovery is not what we say, it’s what we do. Recovery is a verb—it’s an action word.

This workbook is designed to help the user learn more about themselves, learn how to take better care of themselves, learn how to develop and utilize a Recovery support system, build a strong program of Recovery and develop effective techniques to avoid relapse.

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