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Poster Series - Brief, Strategic Problem-Solving Group Therapy

Poster Series - Brief, Strategic Problem-Solving Group Therapy

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This poster series is for Problem-Solving Groups based on the Gorski- CENAPS® Model. Developed by Terence T. Gorski, it is a companion to the book Brief, Strategic Problem-Solving Group Therapy: A Guide for Group Members. It contains reference displays of all the guidelines and procedures that group members can follow as you conduct your groups.

Poster Topics Include:

  • Group Responsibilities
  • Group Rules
  • Corrective Procedures
  • Group Agenda
  • Identifying Feelings
  • Reactions to Last Session
  • Report on Assignments
  • Group Problem Solving
  • The Role of the Questioner
  • How to Ask Questions
  • Clarifying TFUAR’s
  • Systematic Problem Solving—Step 1
  • Systematic Problem Solving—Step 2
  • Systematic Problem Solving—Step 3
  • Closure Exercise

For the Digital Download Version: Upon purchase, you will receive an email to download and print your posters- there are 16 included in the series. They come ready for 8.5x14 (legal size) print.

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