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Depression and Relapse - A Guide to Recovery

Depression and Relapse - A Guide to Recovery

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This book explains how to treat depression & relapse with a cohesive recovery plan.

It is easy to ready and perfect for families.

The CENAPS method has helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from relapse.

You will learn specific things recovering persons & families can do to manage depression while maintaining sobriety.

The goal of this book is to show addicted persons what they can do to manage depression without relapsing.

243 Pages

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Addiction

Part 2: Depression

Part 3: Biopsychosocial Model of Depression

Part 4: Cycle of Depression

Part 5: Depression and Other Disorders

Part 6: Recovery from Depression - A Brief Guide

Part 7: Antidepressant Medications

Part 8: Depression Management Toolkit

Part 9: The Twelve Steps of Depression

What others have said:

"Gorski’s model is, without a doubt, simply the best relapse prevention curriculum I have ever used."

"I had the very great honor of training with Mr. Gorski years ago and use this model daily in my personal and professional life."

"Terence T. Gorski, an internationally recognized expert in the field of addiction treatment, has written numerous books on recovery and the disease of addiction. He is renowned for his groundbreaking research in relapse prevention, and he is a terrific educator."



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