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DVD SERIES III: RELAPSE - A Model for Prevention and Management

DVD SERIES III: RELAPSE - A Model for Prevention and Management

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By Terence T. Gorski

In this dynamic series, Terry Gorski explains basic information about how to prevent and manage the problem of relapse. Relapse is a common problem that threatens the recovery of nearly two-thirds of all addicted people who attempt to stop using al­cohol and other drugs. This powerful series explains in clear and easy-to-understand language the basic principles of relapse prevention , the common warning signs that lead from stable recovery to relapse, and how to establish a relapse prevent ion and relapse management plan.

Part 1: Basic Principles

In this program, Gorski reviews eight basic principles of relapse prevention. These principles provide a key understanding of the problem of relapse and the general steps necessary to manage it should it occur. ( 29 min.)

Part 2: Relapse Warning Signs

This program describes the basic progression of relapse warning signs that lead from stable recovery back to addicted use. In the early 1970s, Gorski discovered these warning signs through in-depth interviews with 117 relapse-prone addicts. Since that time, these basic warning signs have been organized into categories and clarified in ways that make them a powerful tool for relapse prevention. (33 min.)

Part 3: Managing Relapse Warning Signs

In this program, Gorski explains how to use the relapse warning sign list as a powerful tool for identifying and managing problems that could lead to relapse. He explains how to review this list and how to select and personalize warning signs that are of personal importance. He then shows how to map out common situations where these warning signs occur, managing these situations in new, and more effective ways. (46 min.)

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