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Relapse Prevention Therapy Workbook

Relapse Prevention Therapy Workbook

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Identifying Early Warning Signs Related to Personality and Lifestyle Problems

By Terence T. Gorski and Stephen F. Grinstead

This workbook is for people in recovery from alcohol or other drug addiction who have a history of re­lapse, or are afraid they might relapse. There continues to be confusion and misunderstanding about what relapse is and how it happens. In this workbook, the definition of relapse is clarified, how it happens, and most importantly how to prevent a person from entering the relapse cycle.

Updated 2024 - in this version, warning sign cards are included in the back of the book on regular paper. Thicker stock cards can be purchased through the store if desired. 

If a person completes the 14 developmental exercises, they may never have to experience the pain of relapse again.

This workbook is 126 pages. The Table of Contents is as follows:

1. Stress Self-Monitoring

2. Learning from Past Efforts at Recovery

3. Life and Addiction History

4. The Recovery and Relapse Calendar

5. Review of the Warning Sign List

6. Developing Your Final Warning Sign Card Sequence

7. Identifying Three Critical Warning Signs

8. Managing Thoughts

9. Managing Feelings

10. Managing Urges

11. Managing Actions

12. Managing Personal Reactions to Critical Warning Signs

13. Building a Recovery Program

14. Building a Relapse Prevention Plan


Terry's Introduction:

I have been working on the development of Relapse Prevention Therapy since 1972 [...] Recovery from addiction is hard. There is no easy way out. But these exercises may prove helpful.

What others have said:

"Gorski’s model is, without a doubt, simply the best relapse prevention curriculum I have ever used."

"I had the very great honor of training with Mr. Gorski years ago and use this model daily in my personal and professional life."

"Terence T. Gorski, an internationally recognized expert in the field of addiction treatment, has written numerous books on recovery and the disease of addiction. He is renowned for his groundbreaking research in relapse prevention, and he is a terrific educator."

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