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mp4 - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Relapse Prevention

mp4 - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Relapse Prevention

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Relapse Prevention

Presented by Bob Tyler, BA, LAADC-CA, CADC II, SAP, ACRPS from California

A common, though necessary, approach in chemical dependence treatment is teaching recovery tools to be utilized when craving strikes.  However, teaching tools for intentional avoidance of the craving cycle is often overlooked placing patients at unnecessary risk of relapse. This presentation demonstrates utilization of CBT principles and Gorski Model relapse prevention skills in aiding patients to proactively deter craving before it occurs.
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The video content was recorded at the Preventing Relapse Symposium, Starting Addiction Treatment and Recovery Off Right on April 21st-22nd, 2023 held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The goal of the Symposium was for attendees to learn and enhance techniques across all levels of care with proven and practical applications of the Gorski-CENAPS Model of Recovery and Relapse Prevention, implemented with a wide variety of programs, clients, and special populations. Sessions were designed to be applicable and informative to providers and consumers at all skill levels and various lengths of personal recovery.
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This workshop is also available as a Gorski-CENAPS On-line Course. To earn continuing education credit (CEs), enroll in the course here: https://gorski-cenaps-home-study.thinkific.com/pages/preventing-relapse-symposium-courses

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