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Advanced Relapse Prevention Therapy Training - August 12-16, 2024 - Virtual

Advanced Relapse Prevention Therapy Training - August 12-16, 2024 - Virtual

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Register & Pay here for  the August 12-16, 2024 - Central Standard Time - Virtual Advanced Relapse Prevention Therapy Training

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This is a live interactive training facilitated through a video/web conferencing platform. 

Training Days/Times
Monday – Friday: The training will be conducted from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, with a 30-minute break for lunch and a 15-minute each morning and afternoon.

Continuing Education
For our 5-day Training Program, participants who attend all 5 days will receive 40 CE credit hours and a Certificate of Completion. Please note, participants must be present for the entire training to receive the education credits and certificate of participation.

Training Materials
CENAPS will send the training manual, workbook, and warning sign cards after receiving registration information and payments online or by mail/check. An electronic link (zoom) will be sent prior to the start of the course as well as notes on what will be needed to participate each day.

Advanced Clinical Relapse Prevention Specialist (ACRPS) Certification
This training provides the classroom hours needed to receive competency certification from CENAPS. After attending, participants have the option to complete the corresponding Competency Certification Portfolio, which must be reviewed and approved by CENAPS to receive credentials.

About the 5-Day Advanced RPT Training
Terry Gorski developed the Advanced RPT Training for clinicians to better address the relapse process and increase support for their relapse prone patients. Ranked among the most comprehensive and effective trainings for behavioral health professionals, RPT is for those who wish to advance their clinical skills through an evidenced-based approach. 

Training participants will utilize their current skills and integrate them with powerful techniques to help their clients identify and manage high risk situations as well as core personality and life-style warning sign patterns that lead to the re-occurrence of alcohol and other drug use in the critical early stages of the recovery process. 

Participants will learn how to teach their clients/patients to:

  • Develop an RPT Treatment Plan – personalizing the standard treatment plan for RPT.
  • Build Conceptual Pyramids- develop a conscious way of thinking and problem solving that describes each problem.
  • Actively Listen – a communication process to increase understanding and remain engaged.
  • Recognize and lower stress through Relaxation Response Techniques and how to Bookmark Hot Issues that activate stress-related defensiveness.

Participants will learn how to teach their clients/patients how to use standard procedures in groups (or individual) sessions that help them stay on track and engaged in treatment with segments on Group Opening, Presentation, and Closure Procedures.

Participants will learn how to teach their clients/patients how to identify and clarify their Presenting Problems, review their Life and Addiction History, and Recovery and Relapse History to understand the core pattern of personality and lifestyle problems that created pain and problems and how to make a commitment to complete the RPT process.

Participants will learn how to teach their clients/patients to identify, examine, understand, relate, and manage Warning Signs that can lead to relapse through segments on: Warning Sign Review, Initial Warning Sign List, Warning Sign Analysis, Final Warning Sign List and Critical Warning Signs, and Warning Sign Management.

Participants will learn how to teach their clients/patients Recovery Planning including how to develop a schedule of recovery activities that can support the ongoing identification and management of the core personality and lifestyle problems that lead to relapse. 


About the Instructor

President/CEO and Director of Training

 Roland began with CENAPS in 1990 and is holds a MA, Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), Licensed Advanced Addiction Counselor (LAADC), Internationally Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor (ICAADC), Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor Level Two (NCAC II), Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Level II (CADCII), Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist (ACRPS), Nationally Certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), works world-wide as a counselor, interventionist, lecturer, trainer, teacher, author and consultant specializing in addiction related issues.

He has worked in substance abuse treatment since 1986. As a consultant he has assisted many treatment centers to develop world class addiction treatment protocols as well as to create clinical treatment models that embrace the vision and passion of the program founders. As a clinician he works with many celebrities, medical, legal and business professionals as well as inner city clients and those involved in the criminal justice system. Mr. Williams has worked with clients and treatment centers in France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Thailand, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Japan, Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom and all across the United States.


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