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Addictive Relationships - Audio (Digital file or CD)

Addictive Relationships - Audio (Digital file or CD)

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Gorski's Addictive Relationships, is a bestseller, where Terry Gorski answers vital questions about relationships, intimacy and recovery.

You'll learn valuable information that will arm you with the tools to avoid failed relationships.  Gorski discusses what is normal in a love relationship? How do we build healthy, intimate relationships as individuals and incorporate them into recovery programs.    Using a mix of humor and self-disclosure, Gorski describes different levels where relationships operate. He explains seven characteristics of addictive intimacy and why it feels so good in the short run and hurts so badly in the long run. He gives hope by describing characteristics of healthy intimacy and provides guidelines for relationship building and transforming in recovery.

This 1 hour 25 minute audio file  provides your mind with insight. Terry is witty, entertaining, and tells hilarious stories.  

For digital version, upon purchase, you will receive an email with your audio file. You will be able to play it on your phone or computer.  If you do not receive quickly after purchase (check spam) please email and we will get to you ASAP.

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