Relapse Prevention Counseling for African Americans (Home Study Course- 6 CEUs)

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This home study course explains CENAPS Model of Recovery and Relapse to the specific cultural needs of African Americans. There are a number of obstacles faced by African Americans that are not experienced by members of the majority culture who seek recovery.

Upon purchase of the course, you will be mailed a copy of the course text: Relapse Prevention Counseling for African Americans 

Relapse is a serious problem for all recovering people, but it is especially severe for African Americans seeking recovery from addiction. Roland Williams, who is heavily involved in promoting recovery in the African-American community, has joined forces with Terence T. Gorski to initiate an in-depth look at relapse among recovering African Americans and what can be done to prevent it.

All recovering people have relapse warning signs. For many African Americans, however, these warning signs are woven into a broad fabric of cultural issues that create additional obstacles to staying alcohol and drug free.

Course ObjectivesUpon completion of this home study course, the participant will be able to:

1. Define five specific cross-cultural counseling techniques.

2. Identify prejudices and bias that contribute to client relapse and treatment failures.

3. Explain culturally specific relapse warning signs.

4. Initiate a group discussion/session that focuses on cultural issues and their impact on the recovery process.