Addictive Relationships - Audiobook

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There are 7 ways in which recovering addicts' relationships fail.

This recording will teach each of these faults, how you can repair them, and how you can develop a relationship with high class women and men.

Adapted from Gorski's Addictive Relationships, you will learn...

✅ The one behavior you can use that will keep a partner from leaving.

✅ How to detect whether a relationship will fail, if you should save it, and if you should ditch it.

✅ The best places to find a partner (HINT: it's not biker bars or clubs...)

✅ How to tell a partner about your past addiction issues without them leaving.

✅ How to get attention from quality women and men.

✅ How soon you should sleep with someone.

✅ How to know whether somebody only wants to sleep with you, if they actually like you, or if they'll call you back.

✅ What you should (and should not) be saying on your first date - to almost guarantee a second one.

✅ How to make top quality men and women want to go out with you.

✅ The only places you should take first dates... and why you should avoid anything else besides these.

✅ The one trick that will make anybody open up to you.

✅ How to know which persons are interested in you, and who you should and should not pursue.

✅ The one behavior trait you need to look for in a partner that almost guarantees you'll have a great relationship.

✅ How fast you should move from friends to companions - so they aren't driven away or lose interest.

This 1 hour 25 minute audio file will blow your mind with insight. Terry is witty, entertaining, and tells hilarious stories.

You'll learn valuable information that will arm you with the tools to avoid failed relationships.

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