2022 Virtual Advanced Relapse Prevention Therapy Certification Trainings- REGISTER HERE

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October 24th - 28th, 2022 (Eastern Time)

Virtual Advanced Relapse Prevention Therapy Certification Training

This is a live interactive training facilitated through a video/web conferencing platform.  Instructed by the CENAPS Director of Training – Roland Williams.

About Relapse Prevention Therapy:

Over the past 40 years research has clearly shown that relapse is a process that begins long before recovering people start using alcohol or other drugs. Alcohol and drug use do not mark the beginning of the relapse process—it is the final stage. 

Terence T. Gorski developed the Relapse Prevention Therapy (44 ceus) Training to address the relapse process. Roland Williams has been personally mentored by Mr. Gorski and authorized to teach this vitally important training.

Participants will be challenged to take your current clinical skills and integrate them with new and powerful approaches for teaching clients to identify and manage high risk situations and core personality and life-style warning sign patterns that lead to relapse in the critical early stages of the recovery process. 

The training methods will consist of:

(1) Brief Lectures, (2) Clinical Demonstrations of Critical RPT Exercises, (3) Small Group Exercises, (4) Role Play Experiences to practice and receive feedback on key RPT exercises, and (5) Large group discussions.

Virtual Training Details:

Days 1-5: 9:00am to 5:30pm (in the time zone indicated for your training)

There will be a half hour break in the morning and afternoon each day.  Plus, a one and a half break for lunch. 

There are 44 CEU’s awarded at the completion of the workshop as well as the option to complete the portfolio for certification to be a Gorski Relapse Prevention Specialist.

We will send the training manual, workbook, and warning sign cards after receiving payment. An electronic link will be sent within one week prior to the start of the course.

Instructor: Roland Williams - Training Fee: $795 44-NAADAC, CCAPP, FCB-Continuing Education Units 4.4.-NBCC/ACEP Clock Hours

For more information, you can call: 352-596-8000, email: tresa@cenaps.com or visit: www.cenaps.com.