Denial Management Counseling - Professional Guide and Workbook Set

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This bundle includes 2 Gorski books:

1. Denial Management Counseling Workbook

This workbook contains 7 clinically proven exercises for managing denial. Readers will learn how to understand denial, recognize it, and stop it in its tracks.

96 pages. Table of contents:

The Goals of the Denial Management Workbook

Exercise #1: Understanding Denial as a Part of the Human Condition

Exercise #2: Understanding the Principles of Denial Management

Exercise #3: Recognizing Your Denial Patterns

Exercise #4: Managing Denial

Exercise #5: Stopping Denial as You Think about Your Problems

Exercise #6: Stopping Denial as You Think about Your Life History

Exercise #7: Stopping Denial as You Think about Your Addiction Symptoms

Exercise #8: Stopping Denial as You Decide What to Do Next

Exercise #9: Evaluating Your Denial Management Skills

1. Denial Management Counseling Professional Guide

This book contains advanced clinical skills for motivating substance abusers to recover.

312 pages. Table of Contents:

Part 1: Understanding Denial

Learning the Denial Management System, The Definition of Denial, The Levels of Denial, Denial and The Human Condition, The Principles That Govern Denial, Denial Patterns.

Part 2: Managing Denial

An Introduction to Denial Management, Confrontation in The Management of Denial, Denial Management Counseling - The Interactional Process, Denial Management Counseling - Clinical Exercises, Denial Self-Management Training (DSMT).

Part 3: Advanced Clinical Skills for Denial Management

Avoidance, Absolute Denial, Minimizing, Rationalizing, Blaming, Comparing, Manipulation, Consequential Recovery, Compliance, Flight into Health, Strategic Hopelessness, Democratic Disease State, Denial Strategies.

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